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Are suffering from a condition that traditional medicine has not been able to treat?

Have you consulted several doctors and endured numerous tests and medications with little or no results?

If this sounds like your story then it may be time to look at alternative healing solutions that will help you. Learn about the powers of Quantum Touch and Distance Healing from a registered nurse with over 35 years of experience in both practical and alternative medicine.

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Channeling of Elron by Jan Pollan

Today is an important day in that this vessel will no longer be subject to the abuses of this world.  She is released from the tortures by humans and beings.   No longer will she have to focus on the effects on her human body, but will be able to do Gods work.  She is blessed in all things and will now move forward.

Magics have been around since the beginning of time and are connected to manifesting.  From this date if they are used to affect someone in a negative way the magic will have no power. Magics used to affect the earth in a positive way will be considered if it fits the divine plan.  At no time can it be used to alter someones lessons on earth.  The earth is a classroom and the lessons they chose to overcome will be adhered to.  You are being told this so you can consider why they don’t work.  Self examination is always the key to stopping the negative patterns in your life.  If you receive the same negative things in life you can be sure they are lessons.

Remember that to reach where you want to be, you must look forward and stop revisiting the past.


Channeling of Mother Mary

Today is an important day to address abuse of power.  There are several stories of wide spread abuse of the government in a war situation. These are all true and must be addressed. There are persons connected to the highest powers in congress and also connected to the companies which are in the places of war.  I am giving you notice now to move out of the war zones and out of governments pocket.  This is to be no longer tolerated, and there will be great problems for you if you stay and ignore this message.  The problems will also be true for the government officials which allow this.

Abuse and greed have existed for a long time but the energies of earth have changed and these negative energies will start falling away.  Humanity is very verbal about this, and the will of the masses shall prevail.  In the future everyone in public office will need to listen careful to the publics concerns, or you will never stay in the power position.  Once again you will becomes servants to the people you represent.   These things have been channeled before, but your time is up. This will occur.

There must be peace, everyone feels it. War is not supported in any way, and the defense dept.  of every government should look at ways to utilize the former soldiers.  This notice is directed especially to the USA who is more and more creating chaos on this planet.  You shall be held accountable from this day forth.  For the president Trump I say now to follow your heart and not your mind which is contaminated. I say clearly you are being manipulated.  You manipulated in your business, and now you are being manipulated because of the law of attraction.  Most think you have no heart, but we know differently and it can be your biggest ally in this stressful situation.

All of humanity is loved by God, no one is exempt. Allow yourselves to feel it.

We wish peace and comfort for every soul.  Blessings from on high.

Mother Mary

Today There is Hope, Magics on the Run

I have been gone for several years as I was overcome with attacks of magics, hexes and every kind of curse.  The result is I know everything that can affect you , your life, and your businesses.  There was a rapid increase in the people which were dark and they were attempting to destroy all people which were close to God or spiritual.  Businesses and money dried up, and their health was affected, or some even died.  For awhile the healings became so difficult I didn’t trust myself to do them. That did not stop me from trying to help the people I saw who were affected.  Common personal symptoms are rapid weight loss, muscle atrophy, changes in vision, loose teeth, pain in legs, and bones, nerves, muscles, loss of appetite, headaches,  irritability or absolute anger,  and many other things the doctors can not explain.  You could be suicidal.  Your pets will be affected with you and they will have pain.

Please reach out as I can definitely help you, I will not add on other sessions.  It will be done in one session and all will be cleaned.

Bless you,


Hello new world!

What a challenging year, and full of exhaustion .  Just could not devote myself to my page.  However things are different now as many wonderful things have happened on earth. Please note the changes in your own lives over the next year and know God is truly with you in every way.

I will be writing again about many things, not just healing. I hope you will take what you want and use it to better your lives.   Blessings to all of you.



The Energy of Money

This is an important update on the energy of money which changed about 3 years ago. Anyone who denies the presence of dark humans to affect your lives is not awake to the changes in your mind or body. That is deliberate, and as I put this information out I am being affected. But I will persist as God wants this information out.

The first thing that happens is you will see increase in greed and selfishness. Secondly the body takes on new a new vibration as your biology is literally being changed. Any intuition you have will now be from the dark. They will direct everything around this money as you will find yourselves moving it o new banks, which have dark energy. You will want to hold it tight and not enjoy it, because they don’t want you to withdraw it. You will not share it, and will hide it even from your spouse or siblings.

The other thing is they will affect the entire family, if they look at something around money, they will not be able to focus on it, they are lost. The energies will separate the members of the family.
Your body will change as it is damaged and you will lose a lot of weight the longer you keep the energies. Cancers are connected with it also, along with skin diseases. One large target is the nose, it is the result of being close to the brain.

Well into this you will see hoarding, they will not even replace their clothes as they wear out.

I know about this as my husband had it, and I was the one lost. He died around 80 lbs, and had no memory of money at all. He never shared a dime with me.

Your body must be treated before it is advanced, and the family. I can help but as it is so difficult the charge is $600 per session and an average for 5 session. This will be to clean you, the family the money, and businesses. I will also direct you to safe places to put your money ( no darkness).

Blessings, Jan

Testimony for Ada

Hi Jan. I just wanted to update you on the status of mom’s lung tumor.  It has been a year since you did the five healing sessions for her.  She has had five chemotherapy sessions in that one year’s time–she had to get that many because doctors didn’t want to operate on the tumor, it was in an area where too many blood vessels were, right on top of her right lung. A year ago it was at 1 in. by 1 in. and was a stage 4 metastatic tumor. This is a lady who has been battling cancer since 1995(ovarian )surgery), colon (surgery/chemo), liver,(Surgery twice, chemotherapy twice) and then it appeared on the lung 2 years ago.  she had been treated by surgery in every instance except for the lung tumor, it was the only one that was inoperable. There is no longer any sign of a tumor there or anywhere else in her body.  All this happened with minimal chemotherapy (a single session every two months). After one year ( a week ago) her CT scan shows no evidence of any tumors. 

Blessings to you and Lupita,


Love and light.

Temple of Light VS Temple of Rejuvenation

I have been able to access a lighter version of the Temple of Rejuvenation for several years now. That means it was 40% of what the Temple of Rejuvenation can do.  Both repair the tissue, muscles, organs, and skin. I’ve done 3 now and found most people can not receive 100% at first, but it was 55, 65, and 80% All feel fabulous.

Huge changes in the Chakras

Last year I saw an increase in the number of basic chakras for everyone. For thousands of years we had 7.

Last year we had 15 basic chakras, which means every person on this planet, if their energy is clean, can have direct communication with God, and his helpers. This allows a person to always know what God wants you to know.  Do you really want to know the truth? Ask and it will be given.

At the present time humanity is evolving very rapidly, and I mean all!  There are today 30 basic chakras.  The more chakras the more spiritual gifts. These are not of the devil but God. They are gifts.   I was raised to believe I could not talk or be close to God, the Unknowable. But I can tell you, he expects you, and will hold you in his hand.  You are his sons and daughters, and are a part of him.



Temple of Rejuvenation Now Available

Previously called the Temple of Light.  The Lemurian  energy channeled from Kryon is now available on earth for the first time since Lemuria  was lost. Kryon says it is time to call it by the right name.  Please read about the Temple of light on this site.  This technology is available by remote, you don’t have to travel.  All you have to do is lie down in the comfort of your home. It can take 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the damage to your body.  It helps rebuild at a rapid rate.  If you choose to make this a monthy treatment, it can add years of healthy living to your life.

There are certain dark energies which will prevent you from doing this, so you might need a healing before.  Not all will qualify for it, email for an evaluation.

This is extremely good news for us today and  I hope to see you there.



The effects of dark magic

Disturbed / interrupted sleep
– Waking up suddenly in fear or in cold sweat
– Chronic fatigue / malaise
– Sudden onset of apathy / disinterest in life
– Hopelessness / severe depression
– Mood swings / irrational anger / irritation / fear / hysteria / other abnormal behaviour
– Dryness of mouth at night / increased thirst / extreme hunger as if you’re eating for two or more (entity possession)
– Unexplained weight gain or weight loss
– Sudden chills / goose bumps
– Tightness around body parts
– Sudden memory loss / hazy thinking
– Schizophrenia / Tourette’s Syndrome / Multiple Personality Disorder/ Disassociative Identity Disorder
– Your work or career suffers, income is blocked, making you unable to pay for help from spiritual healers
– You sense people avoiding you, isolation, constant conflicts/ fights / quarrels arising for no reason, your good intentions are constantly misunderstood
– Dreams of dead bodies, gruesome people, demons, other creatures wanting to kill you
– Dreams of snakes, scorpions, spiders, unclean places like toilets and cremation grounds
– You see black spots or dark or grey smoke /